What Are The Benefits Of Using Commercial Solar (PV) In Your Business?

As a leader of a business, you should always be trying to find ways to reduce your running costs so that you can widen your profit margin. Increasingly, Australian businesses are recognising the utility of installing a commercial solar (PV) array in their business so they can offset their power costs + enjoy other benefits.

This technology can prove to be a scary new investment for any business as it is still relatively new. The following will examine the top benefits of using a commercial solar system in your business.


Free, abundant source of clean energy

The main advantage of investing in commercial solar power for your business is that it means you will get access to free energy from the clean and abundant source that is our sun! No emissions or waiting in a queue – everyone can access it without having to pay anyone else for the privilege since the sun belongs to everyone!

This means you can effectively offset or entirely eliminate the dependency of your business on the municipal power grid that you need to pay to access, depending on the size of the commercial solar PV system you decide to install. All of the electricity that you generate via your PV system is going to save you money you would have otherwise spent siphoning it from the municipal supply.


Enhance your green credentials

When you invest in a commercial solar array, you gain the ability to leverage the news in your marketing material and put it on your website. This means your business will be more appealing to customers who care about issues like climate change and prefer to spend their money with a business that’s making efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities.

Because the main municipal power supply uses coal-burnt power (which contributes to a large amount of greenhouse gases like Co2), tapping into this means your business is technically part of the ongoing problem. When you invest in commercial solar, you divest from traditional coal power and this makes your business appear more ethical and forward-thinking the eyes of your target market and the general public more broadly.


Save money

two men installing solar panels

Of course, when you make a new investment in a commercial solar system it means you are spending money – but this upfront cost will be recuperated by the savings you generate by running the system. This means that, over time, the system you have installed will pay for itself and widen your profit margin since it is now cheaper to run the day-to-day of your business.

You can take this money you have save and re-invest it into other aspects of your business such as hiring, professional development or upgrading the equipment that your employees use routinely. All of this will snowball and turn your business into one that operates as cheaply as possible without sacrificing the quality of your output.

This can be one of the most powerful consequences of installing a commercial solar PV array in your business. Some companies will even spend large amounts on the installation of massive PV arrays that allow them to not only run their business cheaply but also sell excess electricity back to the municipal supply.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of convincing reasons why commercial solar is an excellent investment for pretty much any type of business that uses a significant amount of electricity.