Tips For Wearing Thong Swimsuit Bottoms

If you’re brave enough to rock the thong swimsuit bottoms trend, than more power to you! The look is a throwback to the 80s and requires a certain level of bravery – you’re not quite baring all but your best assets are certainly out there on display! Thong swimsuit bottoms are showing up everywhere, A-lister’s love them but they’re also a popular choice for style influencers and are regular sights on Instagram, TV and the beach. If you’ve got the body confidence to rock one, then they’re a hot choice for the beach. So how have thong swimsuit bottoms become so popular and what are out tips for wearing them?


The rising popularity of thong swimsuit bottoms

The trend has re-emerged in recent years in hot climates and countries such as Brazil, Columbi and Italy where woman aren’t afraid to put everything out there on display. The look is popular because it accentuates the derriere and have been popularised by the likes of the Kardashian’s and models like Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski. The trend had gone mainstream and regularly appears on Instagram feed all over the world and designers have taken notice, designing new swimwear lines featuring the look. It’d out with full coverage bottoms and in with skimpy high cut designs. They work wonderfully in bright colours and patterns, or in solid, subtle shades and look great both with delicate tops or more solid designs. For those considering trying the trend, here are some great tips to keep in mind to help you rock the look.


Choose a one-piece

one-piece bikini

Whilst the bikini option is much easier to find, it’s also possible to get thong swimsuit bottoms that come in a one piece design. This is a great way to dip your foot in the pool with the trend and may make you feel more secure, having a bit of coverage can help you to get used to the style and will make you feel a little bit more covered up and less ‘naked’.


Buy a back-up option

Revealing designs are not for everyone, if you’re heading to the beach or a pool then it’s a good idea to consider packing a back up option, just in case you’re feeling a little exposed. This can help ease you into the style or is a good idea if you’re heading into environments where the conditions can get a bit wilder, big waves and small bikini’s don’t always mix well!


Look for thicker waist straps

If you need a bit more support around your waist then look for designs with thicker straps, this can be very helpful if you’d prefer to keep your stomach wrapped up. High waisted designs are excellent for cinching in your waist and you’ll find that they are very flattering.


There’s plenty of options to choose from

You’re probably used to seeing really skimpy designs on Instagram but there are plenty of thong swimsuit bottoms that offer a little more coverage whilst still accentuating your bum. If you’re not comfortable with the feeling of wearing ‘floss’ than keep your eye out for options that are a little bit more generous with the material.


Get inspo from A-listers

The best place to look for inspiration when it comes to swimsuit designs is celebrities. They’re often rocking the latest looks fresh off the catwalk and are a great source of inspiration. Get your style ideas from models like Gigi Hadid or look to the latest influencers to get unique ideas for the beach. This hot new trend is here to stay so it’s a great time to go shopping.