Must Have Features On A Bassinet Pram

Purchasing a bassinet pram for a newborn baby can be a bit of a daunting task, especially for first-time parents. A lot of parents will find that the terminology used and features on their bassinet pram can look like a different language and they are likely to have a lot of questions about the best choice for them. They may for example wonder what the difference between a convertible and standalone bassinet pram is or what the options for traveling in a car are. Read on below for everything you need to know about purchasing bassinet prams for your baby.


What a newborn needs

The first thing you should do when looking for a new stroller for your newborn baby is to think about their specific needs. Newborns need to spend a lot of time lying on their back as this gives your spine and muscles time to develop properly and keep airways clear allowing your child to breathe easier.


Why a bassinet pram is important

For newborns and babies less than 6 months it’s recommended that parents get a bassinet pram as this is the best and safest option will allow them to develop properly. They help to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by keeping the baby’s airways clear enough to allow them to inhale enough oxygen. They also allow babies enough space to stretch out and move around easily which is good for their development, they are also more comfortable which makes it easier to put them to sleep and keep them asleep.


Reclining seats

It’s worth keeping in mind that when it comes to reclining strollers, unless they can be reclined to lay flat than they are not the best choice for a newborn. Positions that put your baby in a position where their necks are bent forward could cause their flow of oxygen to be cut off and could be very dangerous. Babies should be laid down on their back until they are able to easily sit up themselves and they can support their own heads and necks.


When can you transition to a stroller?

baby sleeping in a bassinet pram

Children should be kept on flat surfaces until they can support their own heads to avoid the potential for their heads bending forward and blocking their airways. It’s usually around the age of six months that babies can sit up themselves but that is not a hard and fast rule.


The difference between convertible and standalone pram bassinets

Convertible designs mean that you can switch to a flat design and to a stroller seat and back. This can be very useful for prolonging the life of your bassinet pram and is also good if you have more than one child as you can clip a stroller seat on independently, leaving the other part intact on the frame. Standalone frames simply perform only one function.



Baby items can be a big investment so it’s understandable that parents will want to look for ways to get as much use as possible out of strollers and other items. Convertible or 2-in-1 designs are a great way to get more life out of them, another good option is to look for designs that support toddler boards as these are great for families with more than one child. Tandem designs can make life easier and are good for accommodating two-child households.

Buying new items for your baby doesn’t have to be scary, take the time to do your research and think about what works for you and your new family members.