Feel Like You Need To Unwind? Get A Bodyslide Massage

If you’re incredibly stressed at this stage in your life, there are many great avenues available to alleviate that stress and anxiety. A great way to escape from the stresses of your professional and personal life is to get a bodyslide massage, which is available at erotic parlours. The service involves a masseuse rubbing oil onto the client’s body using their own body. It is a very erotic and sensual process and is often viewed as one of the most popular services available at erotic parlours. If you’re worried about getting a bodyslide massage because of the stigma associated with erotic parlours, read on to see why you shouldn’t get bogged down in all these fears.


Nerves are completely fine

It is completely fine to be nervous or apprehensive, especially if you are receiving your first bodyslide massage. The main thing is to not get bogged down in your thoughts and to just clear your mind. You’re there to unwind, not create more stress for yourself. Just clear your head and listen to any advice the masseuse gives you throughout the session.


The stigma is wrong

Erotic parlours are often tainted by misconceptions and stigma; the stigma being that the environment is dirty, that the people in the industry are unclean and that the encounter can lead to a plethora of health problems. However, it is important to recognise that your masseuse is a trained professional and that there are strict health standards for such parlours in Australia. If you are concerned about your health and safety, just do some research – you’ll see that there is nothing to fear.


Service flexibility

A great part of receiving a bodyslide massage is that you have some control over how the service plays out. In fact, the masseuse will often make slight changes during the session to ensure you’re your needs are met. Before your bodyslide massage starts, they’ll ask you a few questions about what you might want or not want. He/she will also inform you of any rules or guidelines that you need to follow, since there are specific things you can and can’t do during the session.


How it begins

Your bodyslide massage will begin slowly, to build the sexual excitement and tension gradually. Your masseuse will begin with some non-sexual, full-body work, which will relax the muscles in your shoulders, neck, arms and back. It’s a great way to start the session on the right foot – ensuring that you’re relaxed and ready to go.


What it involves

After the non-sexual work, the masseuse will remove their clothes and yours. They’ll then begin applying the oil to their skin. During this stage, you will lie face down on your front, while the masseuse will lie on your back, sliding their naked body over yours. This distributes the oil over your body in a highly sensual and erotic manner. While most oils are unscented, you can inquire whether the parlour offers a scented oil bodyslide massage service.


What you need to remember

If you decide that you want the service, there are several things you need to remember. Firstly, respect is very important. If you are patronising or demanding in any way towards the woman/man performing your service, then you will likely be blacklisted by the parlour and even charged if you committed something illegal during the session. You need to show respect and compassion towards the person providing the bodyslide massage. If you enjoy the service and are content with the person, make sure you thank them for their time, work and efforts.